exhaustecIn 1960, when bicycle was still the primary means of transport in India, Bajaj Auto Limited was one of the first companies to introduce two wheelers in India.

Forward to the 1980s and again Bajaj becomes one of the first companies to introduce motorcycles in India;

Fast forward to 2014 and Bajaj is a two wheelers giant with presence in more than 51 countries and boasting revolutionary technologies like DTSi, exhausTEC, SNS with unmatched industry performance. To know more about the different technologies, glance through the different sections.




The chassis is designed to be nimble for maneuvering, stiff enough for class leading handling and durable to withstand the toughest conditions.


The wheelbase of our vehicles are designed to provide the best stability and at the same time have class leading handling characteristics,with no compromise on maneuverability.


The Brakes are designed for a progressive feel and yet be strong enough to quickly bring the vehicle to a stop safely. Petal discs and discs with mud flaps are some of the new features in our vehicles.



Digital Speedometers

Providing clear information on speed and engine rpm, digital speedometers are an absolute delight to the rider. A bright orange backlit instrument console ensures clear visibility in the night, reducing rider fatigue.

This is present in all Pulsar bikes.

Self-cancelling Indicators

Present on some of our high-end bikes it provides a luxurious car like feel

These are present in Pulsar 220

DC Ignition systems

DC Ignition systems on our bikes provide a host of benefits like, flicker free headlight operation at low speed and idling, very good ignition characteristics and a uniform supply of power to the entire vehicle's electrical system.

This is present on all Bajaj 2 wheelers and RE4S except Boxer/CT/Platina brands



DTSi is a patented technology applied on almost all of Bajaj Auto’s bikes and new 3 wheelers. It Stands for Digital Twin Spark ignition. This essentially uses 2 spark plugs in the cylinder head and coupled with a digital ignition system, provides very good lean burn characteristics, faster combustion for more power and torque and low tail pipe emissions.

This is present on all Bajaj 2 wheelers except Boxer/CT/Platina brands



ExhausTEC is another of numerous patented technologies applied on all of Bajaj Auto's bikes and new 3 wheelers. This entails the use of a tuned resonance chamber optimally and unobtrusively placed in the exhaust system of the vehicle, to provide more torque in the low to mid range rpms of the engine. This leads to very good drivability and hence better fuel economy overall.

This is present on all Bajaj 2 wheelers and RE4S



Another patented technology that has been applied on all new generation of Bajaj Auto bikes. This combines the lean burn, fast combustion characteristics of DTSi with those of 4 valves (2 intake, 2 exhaust) for a class leading combination of more power with good fuel economy and very good drivability.

This is present on all Discover, Pulsar and RE brands



TriTec is the latest patented technology used on the Pulsar 200NS. This utilizes 3 spark plugs in the cylinder head, along with Carburettor or Fuel Injection, to achieve even more faster combustion for more power, torque, fuel economy and reduced tail pipe emissions. Combined with Fuel Injection, it gives an unmatched feel of power, drivability and low emissions.

This is present in P200NS and RE60



SNS another patented technology from Bajaj Auto, stands for Spring in Spring. This technology utilizes 2 co-axial springs mounted co-axially on a shock absorber at the rear, in a twin shock absorber system. This technology combines the requirements of shock absorption for low undulations, bad road conditions and high wheel travel, yet achieving a class leading smooth ride not achievable in a single spring equipped shock absorber.

This is present on all 2 wheelers having twin shock absorbers.

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