Safety And Fuel Tips

safety and fuel tips


  • Always wear a Standard helmet and lighten chin band while driving.
  • Never use mobile phones while driving.
  • Always keep rear view mirrors clean.
  • Use both, front and rear brakes simultaneously. Applying only one brake may cause loss of control & skidding or diving.
  • Avoid sudden and harsh braking.
  • Do not apply front brake when cornering or at turn.
  • Fill petrol at reputed petrol pumps.

Service your vehicle regularly


  • Drive in economy zone i.e. driving at a constant speed @ 40-50 kmph in top gear.
  • Avoid the following :-
    • Sudden pick-up & frequent braking.
    • Needless & excessive idling.
    • Excessive high speed riding.
  • Check & refill tyre pressure once in a week.

Save Fuel … Save Money

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