The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is relatively recent. But the philosophy of social responsibility and commitment to give back to the society underlines the Bajaj way of conducting its businesses for a number of years now. The wide spectrum of community development endeavors undertaken by Bajaj Auto Ltd — embracing everything from health and education to women empowerment and more — has touched, and changed, many lives. But the real credit for positive change is always to those whom we have enabled on the path of “Sustainable & Inclusive growth” & well being.


csr invest

Invest: To Benefit Generations

We believe that majority of “expenditures” under CSR be converted to “investments in resource creation” for use over generations. We try and identify sustainable projects which will benefit the society over long periods.

csr educate

Educate: For Self Reliance & Growth

To usher in a growth oriented society and thereby a very strong and prosperous nation - best way is to educate each and every Indian.

csr encourage

Encourage: For Self Help

To guide and do hand holding for self help individually and collectively to create excellence for self and for the team work.

csr spread

Spread: Work Areas

We believe that activities should be spread to locations where we have our presence and hence can effectively guide, monitor and implement specific projects.

csr care

Care: For those who need it most

Care for the section of the society, which is socially and economically at the lowest rung irrespective of their religion or caste or language or colour.

csr sustain

Sustain: Natural Resources

We encourage balanced development and ensure least adverse impact on environment - “Growth with Mother Nature’s - blessings”.

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